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Vai abrir uma bolsa de estudos para mestrado no próximo ano lectivo no grupo de investigação em Cambridge.

Biological Anthropological Science MPhil Studentship 2009

A fully funded MPhil studentship from Lockheed Martin UK is available for European and North American students who are offered a place on the MPhil in Biological Anthropological Science in the PrIME Research Group. This award allows for exploratory work relating to human behaviour and health and is offered by Lockheed Martin to Cambridge University as a direct result of the jointly established Cambridge Complex Systems (CCS) Consortium's activities.

The Primate Immunogenetics and Molecular Ecology (PrIME) Research Group studies genetic variation in humans and nonhuman primates. We are especially interested in the study of major histocompatibilty complex (MHC) genes. These genes play a key role in immune response, but it has also been suggested that they influence social behaviour and reproductive phenomena. Studies of laboratory mice and rats have shown that kin recognition, mate choice and even pregnancy maintenance are influenced, at least in part, by MHC genes.

The MPhil student will, ideally, focus his/her research on the perception of health in light of MHC genotype. This project will require the student to undertake laboratory research and quantitative analyses of their data. Therefore, the ideal candidate will have prior experience in the use of standard molecular genetic methods such as DNA extraction, PCR and DNA sequence analysis.

The studentship covers both University fees and college tuition, and includes a maintenance award of £10,500 and membership of Clare Hall. Candidates for the MPhil listed above should indicate in their application that they wish to be considered for the studentship. Applicants must have a first class degree or equivalent (US GPA 3.8/4) and a demonstrable aptitude to carry out rigorous quantitative research.

How to Apply
Applicants should indicate that they would like to be considered for the studentship in their formal application to the University. They should also indicate that Clare Hall is their choice of College in the application.

Potential applicants are welcome to contact Dr Leslie Knapp, the Director of PrIME, Department of Biological Anthropology, Pembroke Street, Cambridge, CB2 3RA, email:

The closing date is 15 April 2009 and applicants should be notified of results by the end of April.

The University values diversity and is committed to equality of opportunity.

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